Top 4 Axe Pomade Products

Men and women both want to look their best. Especially for men, having a styling product that can make every day styling a breeze is essential. But because hair products have been here decades ago, products and brand choices are technically limitless.

In today’s world, pomades are becoming more and more popular to the male population. In this page, we will review the top 5 Axe products, a brand that’s renowned for being effective and reasonably priced. They are also well-known for their cheesy, but catchy advertisements worldwide. We think, though, that AXE deliberately made those so as to attract more attention and hence, worldwide sales.

Known as Lynx in other regions such as Ireland, UK, China, New Zealand, and Australia, AXE is continuously making a mark globally for their men-exclusive grooming products. Initially offering wide range of fragrance for men, they later innovated deodorants, shower gels, shampoos, and now, hair styling products. Their pomade, in particular, is gaining massive popularity for having great scent, nice texture, and varying hold for all sorts of preferences in men’s hairstyle.

Customer review has it that most Axe products performed excellently during initial use. From our own observation, this is quite an understatement. Below, you’ll find our most favorite pomade products made by Axe.

AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade

iconicon Feeling like you need a clean cut look today? Then you should keep an AXE Clean Cut Pomade in handy. The main thing about this product is that it gives you a polished look, without leaving a wet-like appearance. All it leaves is just shiny hair, held by medium strength pomade. Apply a few amount, and it will last the whole day. By mere mixing, raking and combing, you can easily wow your family, colleagues, or special one with the hairstyle of your choice. If you’re in the lookout for an affordable pomade with perfect control, then AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade is your best option. Suitable for short and mid length hair.

AXE Smooth Look Shine Hair Pomade

iconiconGot a thing for sculpted, straight hair looks? Then, you definitely should go for AXE Smooth Look Shine Hair Pomade. This 2.64 ounce pomade can leave your hair great shine and soft texture. For men wanting smooth sophisticated looks, this product will give the desired effect. Short or mid length hair, you sure can turn heads by applying a little amount. Rest assured, your hairstyle will last you throughout the day.

AXE Sleek Smooth Look Shine Pomade

iconMade for short to mid length tresses, the AXE Sleek Smooth Look Shine Pomade provides a medium hold and smooth texture to hair. By applying a small amount, you can instantly get the sharp look that you desire, leaving it with an eye catching smooth finish. Ideal for short to mid-length locks, you are bound to have gorgeous hairdo that can last the whole day with AXE Sleek Smooth Look Shine Pomade. The product is available in 2.64 ounce bottle.

AXE Refined Clean-Cut Look Pomade

icon iconGels leave you with crunchy and crusty hair, which women don’t really like. AXE, on the other hand, gives you supreme hold but without the hard texture that gels leave behind. Instead, you are looking at a polished look that girls will definitely swoon upon. This AXE pomade comes in a round 2.64 ounce bottle.  It comes in perfect control, easy to use, and great smelling formula.



Pros and Cons

Based on our tests, these are the good points of AXE pomade products:

  • Leaves a light feeling
  • Suits virtually all hair types
  • Gives hair a nice smell
  • Very easy to apply
  • Definitely easy to wash off
  • Prices are reasonable and affordable
  • Can be used for hairstyling every single day
  • Gives hair a not too shiny, not clumpy, or not sticky feel
  • Saves money since you only need little amount
  • Hold is good enough to make hairstyle last the whole day

In terms of downsides, there is not much to say about Axe’s hairstyling pomades. Probably one that one you may complain about is the size and content, which is a bit tiny if you want to use it every single day.

Styling Tips

For best results, make sure that hair is clean and shampooed thoroughly before applying. It’s also better if you blow dry or towel dry your hair before putting pomade. You may use AXE Shampoo and Conditioner to achieve excellent results.


Men of today are more self-conscious and practical than ever. Assuming you are one of them, AXE makes an awesome choice since it suits most hair types, styles, and hold preferences. The great thing about AXE products is that they do not only smell great, they are also very effective and reasonably priced – you don’t even need to get more hair styling products just to get the look that you want!



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