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The Top 5 Best Shiner Gold Pomades

In your quest to tame that stubborn hair, you’ve probably tried looking for (or chanced upon) a strong requirement toward hair styling pomades – one with a quite strong holding power in one way or another. Moreover, there are those people who have an oily scalp as well as acne-prone skin; hence, they would prefer... Read More »

Top 4 Axe Pomade Products

Men and women both want to look their best. Especially for men, having a styling product that can make every day styling a breeze is essential. But because hair products have been here decades ago, products and brand choices are technically limitless. In today’s world, pomades are becoming more and more popular to the male... Read More »


SuavecitoWhat THEY don't want you to know about Suavecito... Read More »

American Crew

American CrewSuch a patriotic name isn’t it? I totally agree with you! This American pomade is a tough competitor and it’s definitely earned the number 4 spot on our list. Want to know why? Keep on reading.   American Crew history: Hair pomade has been part of modern American history, defining iconic styles and attracting admiring... Read More »

Layrite Deluxe

Layrite DeluxeWhat THEY don't want you to know about Layrite... Read More »

Imperial Barber Products

Imperial Barber ProductsWhat THEY don't want you to know about Imperial Barber Products... Read More »

Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut DeluxeAll the way from Australia comes this amazing product that will knock you out with a good uppercut to the jaw. It will leave you stunned, trust me. Find out why this cold hearted killer is number 2 on our lists by reading the review below.     Uppercut history: “Inspired by the timeless style of... Read More »

Best Pomade for Men with Curly or Wavy Hair

Styling your hair can either be easy or challenging, depending on the type of hair that you have, and also on the product that you use. While there are many hairstyling products to choose from, you might catch yourself somehow struggling to pick the right one. There can be several factors to consider when deciding.... Read More »

Check Out the Best Combs For Your Hair

Finding The Right Comb When Using Pomade Pomade is a wonderful product that gives hair a shiny, slick appearance. It helps to style, even the most stubborn locks with ease. It doesn’t dry out the hair and gives it a healthy glow. There are many different types of Pomade as the holds, finishes, & textures... Read More »

What is Pomade? The Basics, Advantages and Proper Application

The recent years have linked pomades to old times, where our grandpas sport extremely greasy and shiny locks. As we’ve mentioned on our previous post, old-school pomades were based out of petroleum jelly and strong fragrance. The good news is, pomades have evolved dramatically for modern men. So what exactly are pomades? According to Wikipedia,... Read More »

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