Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut DeluxeAll the way from Australia comes this amazing product that will knock you out with a good uppercut to the jaw. It will leave you stunned, trust me. Find out why this cold hearted killer is number 2 on our lists by reading the review below.     Uppercut history: “Inspired by the timeless style of... Read More »

Why Use Pomades over Hair Sprays?

There is a booming market on hairstyle products for men. Some of the common items you’ll find are shaving, conditioners, shampoos, and of course, hair styling agents. Today’s men are becoming more conscious about their looks, and they are spending more time looking at their reflection in the mirror. But regardless how vain they could... Read More »

Our Top 5: The Best Pomade for Undercut Hairstyle

They say the hair is our crowning glory – and it definitely is not only for women but even for men, too. Men are quite extra particular when it comes to styling their hair and they are always on the lookout for new hairstyles and styling products that become available and popular. Among the most... Read More »

Best Pomade for Men with Curly or Wavy Hair

Styling your hair can either be easy or challenging, depending on the type of hair that you have, and also on the product that you use. While there are many hairstyling products to choose from, you might catch yourself somehow struggling to pick the right one. There can be several factors to consider when deciding.... Read More »

Bring Out the Best Pomade for 2017

Natural hair is awesome; a little addition of gel makes it better; application of pomade for different hairstyles makes it the best. It is the last month of the year and everyone is excited about New Year resolutions. Why not have resolutions to get a new hairstyle with your dream pomade brand? The market is... Read More »

How to Spot the Best Water Based Pomade for Men

Pomades never go out of style even after the existence of other hairstyling products such as hairsprays, mousse, wax and gel. In fact, some men even prefer to use pomades than other products because it can give the hair a shinier and slicker appearance without drying it. This gives you more control over your hair... Read More »

Check Out the Best Combs For Your Hair

Finding The Right Comb When Using Pomade Pomade is a wonderful product that gives hair a shiny, slick appearance. It helps to style, even the most stubborn locks with ease. It doesn’t dry out the hair and gives it a healthy glow. There are many different types of Pomade as the holds, finishes, & textures... Read More »

Reuzel Red Hair Pomade Hog Review

The best pomade in the market – most men use their time on stores or on the internet searching for this. However, with lots of brand emerging here and there, it’s quite hard to determine that, especially when every single one of them claims they are the “best”. So, our team tested out a few... Read More »

What is Pomade? The Basics, Advantages and Proper Application

The recent years have linked pomades to old times, where our grandpas sport extremely greasy and shiny locks. As we’ve mentioned on our previous post, old-school pomades were based out of petroleum jelly and strong fragrance. The good news is, pomades have evolved dramatically for modern men. So what exactly are pomades? According to Wikipedia,... Read More »

Top 7 Pomades for Men Now – The Best Pomade for Men Revealed

In this present era, gone are the days when men do not care much about their hairstyle. Nowadays, they tend to seek the best product that best suits their needs. However, with tons of choices around, a lot of men end up being not satisfied with the results. If you are one of the huge... Read More »

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