A Review of the Suavecito Pomade Firme/Strong Hold

Hair pomades are typically designed to discipline and tame unruly hair, and are usually used by men as part of their hair styling regimen. Most users prefer pomades than hairspray or styling gel because it is more durable and also versatile. Pomades are available in different types and brands and the preference should only depend on your purpose and also your desired holding power.

As they say, the hair is the crowning glory and this may seem to be true not only for women, but even for men, as well. A modern gentleman should always appear suave and stylish and a nice looking hairstyle should be able to help you achieve this complete look. If you want to achieve a nice impression, whether at work if you are going on a first date, make sure you always include your hairstyle as one of the important things to prepare for.

That being said, it is essential to find and use a hat you are able to hair product that can help you achieve your desired hairstyle. Today we are making a review of the Suavecito Pomade Firme/Strong Hold. Even when you have already tried a variety of pomade brands, you will surely love this one from Suavecito after trying it for the first time.

The Packaging
Suavecito Pomade Firme/Strong Hold

If you are have already used the original pomade from Suavecito, you will notice how the Firme/Strong Hold variety is also similar to it in terms of packaging. It comes in a plastic tub, white color and also with a crew top lid. You will also see that the labeling is the same, with the wrap-around label and the lid label in place.

What’s Inside

Upon opening, you will find the content with a dark brown color, quite resembling the Coca Cola product but surely does not smell alike. The scent is also the same as the original although this variety does not give off that soapy scent. Although the pomade is water-based, once you’ve scooped a small amount of it you will notice how it is very different from the others. It is firmer and also shinier, with a better texture than the original version.


Like any other hair pomades, you can easily apply this product just by scooping it out from the tub. You can use a comb or just apply through your fingers if you wish. For a wet look effect you can add a little amount of water as you style it. Take note that the Suavecito Pomade Firme/Strong Hold can provide the strongest hold when used on dry hair. You can blow dry your hair or simply dry it using a towel so you can maximize the effect. This pomade also does not dry once applied so you can always re-style it throughout the day.

Holding Power

For a water-based pomade, the Suavecito Firme/Strong Hold is definitely something we will recommend. Aside from its manly and fresh smell, it is also perfect for windy days as it can help you keep your hair in place all day long. This product offers the same control that you can get from a wax but this one is better because you can easily wash it out.

Why buy it

For people with unruly hair, the Suavecito Pomade Firme/Strong Hold is definitely worth the purchase. This product can help you hold your hair down without giving it a lick and greasy appearance. Now you are able to show off the thickness of your hair while also being able to control it all day long. The Suavecito Firme/Strong Hold is also known to dry with maximum hardness and moderate shine. Because it is water-based, it does not contain petrolatum, which is why you can easily wash it out.

Choosing the best hair pomade

The first step to take when choosing the best hair pomade, or actually, when choosing any type of hair product, is that to initially know first which type of hair you possess. Picking a certain hair product without getting acquainted with your hair type is almost the same as shopping for a pair of shoes without even knowing your foot size yet. Do you have thick or finer hair? Thicker hair should require products with stronger hold and flexibility. Hair products usually come with indication stating if it is for thicker or finer hair. You can also ask the salesperson or anyone at the counter so you can be sure.

The types of pomades are also based on the ration of wax to grease. There are heavy-weight pomades, medium-weight and the light-weight types. With modern pomades you will be able to choose from a wide array of products for your desired hairstyle that are made of different ingredients. Selecting the best one will boil down to knowing what type of hair you have, as well the styling effects that you wish to achieve upon application.



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Suavecito Pomade Firme/Strong Hold


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