A Review of the Reuzel Green Grease Medium Hold Pomade

A Review of the Reuzel Green Grease Medium Hold Pomade

The pomade has been around for quite a very long time already, dating back to the early 20th century and since then, it has been a traditional hair product that is considered a necessity by those who depend on it. The pomade is a combination of petrolatum and wax. Petrolatum is the main ingredient used in petroleum jelly which acts as a greasing agent for the hair to appear shiny and malleable, while the wax is used to achieve firmness and hold. There are different types of pomades – light-weight pomades, medium-weight and the heavy-weight pomades.

Among the most popular medium-weight pomades would be the Reuzel Green Grease  which is an oil-based product that lets you be able to control the degree of shine and strength, depending on how you want it. If you are considering to use this product, this review should give you a better insight about it.

Reuzel Green Grease Medium Hold Pomade

The Packaging

Formulated in Holland and manufactured in USA, this pomade weighs depending on the size you pick. The aluminum green twist top can features the Reuzel logo with the photo of a pig. Reuzel is actually a Dutch word that means lard. The photo of the pig is because back then, probably around 100 years ago, it was pig fat that is being used to make pomades. Pomme’ is a French word for apple, because apples were used cover the smell of the pig fat. The back of the can is where you find all the ingredients used, as well as other helpful information.

Scent and Texture

Most users like how the scent of this pomade is not too strong and overpowering. You will immediately smell the minty apple scent which is quite refreshing. As you open up the can, you will be greeted by an off-white color of pomade with the waxy layer.

Hold and Shine

As already stated, this pomade is a medium-hold type. The users have rated this product considerably high when it comes to the ability to give out a good amount of shine and hold, as well. It is also recommended that you use this product on dry hair particularly as this is the strongest type of application.

How to Use the Reuzel Green Grease Medium Hold Pomade

Application is also very easy and does not require a pomade genius to do so. You just have to smear it on your hands and it will turn into a buttery and creamy texture. Apply thoroughly on your hair as soon as the pomade softens. Start from the roots to the ends or you can also use a comb to distribute the product evenly. You can also add more water or grease if you need to so you can perfect the style. On average it should only take you about 5-10 minutes to achieve your preferred style and strength. Definitely an advantage if you are the type of person who is always in a rush and wants products that are easy to apply and to use.

Other things you need to know

Aside from the information regarding this pomade’s application and other factors, there are still other things that you also need to know. As for the endurance, the product might not be able to survive too much heat so if you are from a hot region or state, make sure not to expect too much from this product. If in case you will need to restyle your hair, it should take you only about 4-5 minutes to do so. To wash it out, you will have to undergo 2-3 showers with shampoo.

Knowing your hair type

Before deciding to purchase any kind of product for your hair, it is essential that you first find out the type of hair that you have. Men’s hair comes in different types, from wavy to curly to thin, fine and straight. You need to find out first if the pomade will suit your hair type and doing this will help you achieve the style and hold that you want. Even when you want something like David Beckham’s hairstyle and you think you can easily have it, it’s surely not as easy as that.

Choosing the best hair pomade

With all these factors and considerations laid out for you, you now have at least a slight idea on which product would be perfect for your hair. The Reuzel Green grease Pomade is definitely something worth considering. Aside from considering your hair type, you also need to think about the product’s strength, hold and malleability. Some people also consider the scent as it definitely makes a good impression if your hair smells as good as it looks. This is the reason why a lot of men prefer to go for scented pomades rather than buy hair gels that only leave your hair dry and flaking.



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