Why Use Pomades over Hair Sprays?

There is a booming market on hairstyle products for men. Some of the common items you’ll find are shaving, conditioners, shampoos, and of course, hair styling agents. Today’s men are becoming more conscious about their looks, and they are spending more time looking at their reflection in the mirror. But regardless how vain they could be, most men are still confused as to which product actually works, considering there’s just so much to choose from. Here, we will focus on the advantages of pomades over hair sprays.


Hair grease, clay, hair wax – regardless of the term, there’s no denying that pomades are dominating the hair styling trend these days. More often than not, they are used for styling and moisturizing at the same time. In the yesteryears, pomades are applied to make hair look shiny and slick at heavy price tags. Older pomade brands have also stunted hair growth, weighed hair down, greased up sheets and pillows, and requires long time to rinse off. To remove pomade residues, strong shampoos and detergent were used. However, modern pomades are a totally different story. They have improved formula, are less greasy, are made of natural ingredients, feel lighter when applied, protect hair from damage, and promote better hair health.

Older versions of pomades are petroleum jelly-based, which blocked the hair shaft and moisture from entering the area. This formulation has been replaced by light waxes, soft butter, and natural oils. Hence, modern pomades become lighter, easy to rinse off, and made of organic and sometimes vegan ingredients. What’s more, they are made with no refinements or chemical processes whatsoever.

Pomades belong to the pliable category, considering that they add shine and pliable hold to your hair styles. Most pomades in the market give off wet look, with a bit of sheen for a sleek and well-groomed look. For short hair, it gives of strong hold and a bit of shine with texture. For long hair, it works as well where separation is necessary. In stores, you’ll find light and subtly fragrant pomades, however there are also barber-grade pomades that are aggressive in terms of hold and texture. To apply, simply get a dime-sized amount of pomades using the palm of your hands. Rub the hands together until they become warm. Work it through your locks, following your desired look for the day. For best results, make sure hair is still quite damp prior to application. Pomades should be washed out of hair before bedtime to prevent over accumulation on the scalp, which can then lead to clogged pores and damaged scalp. 

Finding the best pomades for men might be tedious due to the many choices available in the market, it is important to know your preference first, whether you would go for a water based or petroleum based one.

Hair Sprays

As most people know, hair sprays are used to hold the hairdos in place. And no, they are not extinct yet.

When sprayed onto hair, the chemicals can build up on hair, giving you a sticky feeling that may want you to wash your locks more often. What’s more, they make hair stick together, thus combing or brushing can damage hair and cause hair fall in the long run. Aerosol, a common hair spray ingredient, is also bad for the ecosystem.

While they effectively hold style in place, chances are, they are linked to some adverse health effects. Blame it on the hairspray ingredients. The active ingredients found in most brands of hair sprays, solvents, propellants, and polymers, have been reported to pose health risks.

Hair sprays leave off glue-like texture, thanks to polymers. Solvents, on the other hand, are responsible for dissolving the ingredients into a single solution. Common polymers in hairsprays include vegetable gums, Arabic gum, and polyvinylpyrrolidone. Solvents are composed of hydrocarbon and alcohol. The rest of hair spray ingredients include isobutene, propylene glycol, propane, and fragrance.

In the past decades, hairsprays contain vinyl chloride, a chemical ingredient that is otherwise known as a carcinogen. It took nearly ten years before manufacturers decided to alleviate this substance from their ingredients’ list. Vinyl chloride was then replaced by methylene chloride, which was again recalled for having carcinogenic effects.

Even though vinyl chloride and methylene chloride are already out of the picture, many hair spray formulations are still considered risky to human health. For instance, propylene glycol is known for having same cancerous effects as the former ingredients. Other sprays simply put their ingredients as fragrance, so it is quite impossible to assess their safety accurately.

There are also other negative effects that should cause immediate concern to hair spray users. When exposed to extreme heat, they can cause fire and also physical injury. When inhaled, hydrofluorocarbons and the rest of ingredients can cause acute poisoning. Common symptoms include breathing difficulty, low blood pressure levels, or worse, coma. Irritation in the eyes, skin, and lungs are also common.

These are just some of the important things to consider when choosing which one to try – a pomade or a hair spray. Considering the effects of both, it’s up to you to decide.



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