Top 7 Pomades for Men Now – The Best Pomade for Men Revealed

In this present era, gone are the days when men do not care much about their hairstyle. Nowadays, they tend to seek the best product that best suits their needs. However, with tons of choices around, a lot of men end up being not satisfied with the results. If you are one of the huge male population struggling to find the perfect pomade for your hair requirements, this comprehensive guide is for you.

Pomades are somewhat related to styling waxes. They leave hair with a good combination of hold and shine and thus considered the best styling agent for men with slick-back pompadour, also known as mad men side style. Pomades also work on both wavy and curly hair, better if the hair is longer.

A Rundown of the Best Pomade for Men

Following are our top picks on pomade, along with the reasons why they made it to the top spot.

1.Smooth Viking Hair Care Pomade

–Mostly recommended for thick, straight, wavy, and curly hair, this water-based pomade is formulated to give hair an extra boost, helping you to achieve a dapper and sleek look. It’s very easy to use and rinse off – no mess and no fuss. Smooth Viking Hair Care Pomade is perfect for people who want medium hold and supreme shine. Just apply a little amount onto hair, style it your way, and you’re done for the day ahead.

2. Baxter of California Clay Pomade
–Hailed as the best hair wax last 2012 by Details Magazine, Baxter lets you enjoy a strong hold and matte finish in one go. Once you use it, you’ll have the power to define, separate, and mold styles according to your liking. Among the ingredients of this highly-acclaimed pomade are beeswax and clay, which are considered natural and non-harmful additives. Apply this texturizing formula on your hair to experience a strong hold minus the shine.

3.Layrite Super Hold Pomade
–The best thing about this pomade is that holds your hair like a wax but rinses off like a gel. Thanks to its one-of-kind formula, which is basically water-based. For 10 years, men are trusting this brand because it holds style perfectly, rinses off easily, does not flake, does not dry hair, keeps hair soft, lasts all throughout the day, and controls even the thickest and curliest hair there is. The pomade is also extremely versatile – the more amount you put in, the stronger the hold will be. To use, dry hair firstly using a blow dryer. Put an ample amount on your hand and rub until it softens. Apply onto hair and style.

4. Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold
–Yearning for a creamy hairstyling alternative? Look no further than the Suavecito Pomade. As the name states, it holds style quite intensely. Once applied, you can comb your hair with ease and get an all-out styling flexibility, leaving hair with style that stays in place and has moderate shine.The pomade is lightly scented, with fragrance that both men and women will love. Whether you are a barber, a hairstylist, or simply someone that’s always want to have great-looking hair, the Suavecito Pomade suits you well. At the moment, Suavecito garnered 4.5 stars from its satisfied users.

5. AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade

–Retro, modern, or classic look, you can easily achieve this with Axe Clean Cut Look Pomade. This product leaves hair with medium hold and a bit of finishing that can last the whole day. With AXE, you can perfectly control your hair any way you want. Mostly recommended for short or mid-length hair.

6. Old Spice Spiffy Sculpting Pomade
–If you want every single strand of your hair to lay perfectly, which each piece feeling smooth and perfect, then it’s best that you settle for this guy. Formulated to bring moderate hold and matte finish, the Spiffy Pomade works best for men aiming for a clean cut look. The pomade comes in a 2.64 ounce container. To use, simply apply a small amount onto hands, rub, and work through hair. Best if the hair is dry or damp after shower.

7. Imperial Classic Pomade
–Ideally made for barbers, Imperial Pomade boasts anindustrial-strength hold that make styles last for as long as possible. But don’t let its name fool you –it is water-based, applies smoothly, and easy to wash off when you’re done for the day. The pomade leaves your hair with moderate sheen, just enough to make you look classy or hip; however you prefer to have it. Imperial lets you enjoy a bigger 6-ounce pomade filled bottle.


Pomades are definitely a good choice if you want your do to be as enduring as you. However, it’s also important that you keep an eye on the labels of each pomade you buy. Some heavy pomades contain beeswax when they aren’t supposed to. On the other hand, some waxes are labelled pomade when they shouldn’t be. Be vigilant and pick the right type for your hair needs.


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