Our Top 5: The Best Pomade for Undercut Hairstyle

They say the hair is our crowning glory – and it definitely is not only for women but even for men, too. Men are quite extra particular when it comes to styling their hair and they are always on the lookout for new hairstyles and styling products that become available and popular. Among the most popular and timeless hairstyles would be the Undercut. The undercut constitutes of a top part and a bowl cut. The top part is trimmed using scissors and not a hair clipper while the hair on the back and sides of the head is buzzed with a really short single clipper length and a hair clipper.

Normally, the length of the hair may range from 2-6 inches although it can also be as long as you want it to be. However, if the length will be longer than 6 inches or so, it tends to look worse than an undercut should appear. There are actually several varying degrees when it comes to styling the undercut top. This gives you a lot of options when you are choosing a particular style for the day or for a special event.

The best pomade for your undercut hairstyle

Pomades are perfect for any kind of hairstyle, but most especially for flat ones such as the side-swept undercut and also the slicked-back undercut. Nothing compares to the hold and shine that best pomades can give which is exactly the reason why it is still very popular even after so many decades since they were introduced in the market. Pomades come in different packaging and ingredients and you need to be aware of your options first before you can fully decide on which one to buy.

  1. Mister Pompadour Sculpting Clay – Best Hair Product for Men (and Women) – 2oz – Medium Hold and Matte Finish – All Natural Ingredients

For hairstyles that need volume without having to worry about using anything that only weighs down your hair, the sculpting clay from Mister Pompadour can surely keep up. This product is very versatile that it helps in adding texture and also separation to either short or long hairstyles. It also gives your hair the body and thickness that it needs. You will definitely love how better your hair will feel once you start using this product.

The texture is creamy and smooth, allowing you to spread it evenly and easily no matter how thick your hair may be. It is also very easy to apply, you choose to use it before or after blow drying your hair so you can have that extra stability and volume while also getting the right hold. It has a lightweight formula that makes it easier for the hair to quickly absorb it. Another good thing is that it is made from all natural ingredients without alcohol, sodium chloride and parabens. This means the hair free from any damage that these harmful ingredients may cause.

  1. Mister Pompadour Moroccan Texture Paste – Best Hairstyling Product for Men (and Women) – 20z – Medium Hold & Touch of Shine – All Natural Ingredients

The Moroccan Texture Paste from Mister Pompodour comes in a hot new look that can provide a medium hold, giving your hair the structure that it needs without the rigid and stiff feeling.  With its semi-matte finish the hair will definitely look natural and slightly shiny. This product is highly recommended for men (and also women) with shorter hairstyles and who love to sport hairstyles that are particularly messy, but then it can also work with longer hair if you aim to have that extra definition.

Natural ingredients are also used to manufacture this product, featuring Moroccan and argan oil that helps in moisturizing and repairing the hair. You also do not have to worry about possible hair damage since it contains no sodium chloride, parabens and alcohol.

  1. Crowne & Combes All Natural Classic Pomade 4oz

If you want to really look good sporting your undercut hairstyle, the Crowne and Combes All Natural Classic Pomade is also another must-try product on our list. This is a natural alternative to many modern waxes, gels and other styling products. You can also use this for other hairstyles such as the side part or even for long and short hair. It has a special formula that helps in keeping your hair healthy and soft.

This oil-based pomade offers light hold and can be easily washed out compared to other usual oil-based pomades.

  1. Crowne & Combes Premium Water Based Pomade 3.4oz

Again from Crowne & Combes, this water-based pomade can be washed out easily. It has a versatile formula that can keep your hair in place all day because of its medium hold. This product is perfect for slick backs, short and long hair, side parts and undercut hairstyles. You can choose to apply it on damp or wet hair to achieve a slicker and shiner do, or you can also apply it on dry hair and instantly add definition and texture to your hair.

  1. Crowne & Combes All Natural Black Wax 4oz

Last on our last but definitely not the least is the Crowne & Combes All natural Black Wax. It features a Polar Bomb scent which is basically a combination of spicy and icy scents. It provides superior hold and is perfect for a variety of hairstyles.






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