The Top 5 Best Layrite Pomades

Needless to say, great hair always requires great responsibility. Pomade has since been considered an aesthetic canon of class and neatness that leaves hair looking nice, slick and shiny. It first originated from old-fashioned barbershops where men try to compete with each other through their hairstyle. Pomade is definitely a way to ensure that hair will preserve its shape regardless of how thick it is.

If traditional oil-based pomades were water-insoluble, which means they tend to last longer yet are hard to wash out, the newer water-based ones, on the other hand, can be washed out with a single rinse; however, it still offers a range of control regardless of the hairstyle.

So whether you’ll be rocking a special event or not, below are the top 5 best Layrite pomades to date.

  1. Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade

Best Layrite PomadesIf you’re looking for pomade that can replace something that is typically used in any rockabilly scene, then, Layrite’s Deluxe Original Pomade is for you. This pomade’s holding strength is tantamount to wax and its quality is top-notch. Nonetheless, if you’re worried about cleaning, don’t fret as it washes out like an ordinary gel. In fact, a tiny amount of it and your hairstyle can be in placed all day – without that nasty feel like that of a hairspray or gel.

Where to Buy: Select the one that is already 4 oz. Go here.

  1. Layrite Super Hold Pomade

Do you want pomade that has a soapy-like scent? Or do you want something that can hold superbly? Well, why choose one when you can have both. Layrite Super Hold Pomade has all of these qualities. This pomade will not only make you feel fresh, but will also make you fall in love with its soft texture it leaves on your hair. On the other hand, this pomade is guaranteed to hold your hair superbly.  So, if you’re worried about your hairstyle getting breezed by strong winds, use Layrite Super Hold Pomade. You’ll be surprised just how amazing this stuff is.

Where to Buy: There’s a 4 oz. Layrite Super Hold Pomade available and that’s usually less than $15. Also, just by adding, you get to have a Layrite Cement Matte Clay. Check it out here.

  1. Layrite Super Shine Pomade

Of course, who wouldn’t want a sleek, shiny hair – something that is close to Elvis Presley’s? Layrite Super Shine Pomade is designed for both thick and thin hair, and it is considered as one of the strongest water-based pomades available in the market. Its distinct formula is able to provide a firm hold for hours, while offering your hair a marvelous shiny look. You can stay all day without worrying about your hair getting dry. In addition, it is really easy to clean – one that is similar to a regular styling gel.

Where to Buy: it’s usually listed for less than $15 for a 4 oz. jar. Nonetheless, you can get a Layrite Hair Comb just by adding about $10. Not convinced? See for yourself here.

  1. Layrite Layrite Cement Matte Clay

Layrite Layrite Cement Matte Clay is premium pomade that works remarkably with all kinds of hair, especially the thick ones. As a matter of fact, it offers a great matte finish and can even control the curliest hair out there. This one here comes with a lovely, pleasant scent and hold lasts all throughout the day; hence you won’t have to worry about feeling and looking good.  It contains natural ingredients, one of which is clay; however, it will definitely not damage your hair or even cause skin irritations. Furthermore, it offers a pliable hold. So, if you have dating plans on weekend, include Layrite Layrite Cement Matte Clay. You will surely look awesome all day.

Where to Buy: Go to Amazon and you can buy Layrite Layrite Cement Matte Clay (4 oz.)..

  1. Layrite The Layrite Super Shine Pomade

The Layrite Super Shine Pomade was specifically created to be applied even with the most difficult hair. It is really easy to use, and only a small amount of it is needed to achieve a satisfying result; hence you end up saving money. Nevertheless, it offers a medium to super shine effect. And similar to other pomades, it is water soluble; no wonder it is quite easy to clean.

Where to Buy: This is usually listed for less than $50 in and already comes in with an original packaging (box or bag). Check Layrite The Layrite Super Shine Pomade here.

In terms of Pomade, the significant differences between them are actually the scent and hold they offer. And despite the fact that there’s a wide a wide selection of pomades out there, there’s always a brand that works excellent with any type of hair. Above all, they are easy to clean and come with a very pleasant scent.



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