How to Spot the Best Water Based Pomade for Men

Pomades never go out of style even after the existence of other hairstyling products such as hairsprays, mousse, wax and gel. In fact, some men even prefer to use pomades than other products because it can give the hair a shinier and slicker appearance without drying it. This gives you more control over your hair as you go through your day. Its popularity began way back in the 20th century although the 21st century has also paved the way for its comeback because of the various hairstyles that have become quite popular such as the quiff, ducktail and the undercut.

There are mainly two types of pomades – the oil based and the water based ones. The water based pomade is actually preferred by most men because it can be easily washed out of the hair since water is its predominant and main ingredient, making it water soluble. You can also easily choose among its wide variety of shines and hold strengths, giving you more freedom and control over the type of hairstyle that you want to achieve. You will also never experience greasiness and acne outbreak while using it.

Choosing the best

Because there are literally a handful of pomades available in the market, you might end up getting too confused while choosing. Just in case you get stuck with a lot of options, feel free to use this list as a guide:


  1. Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold 4 oz

For maximum styling flexibility and creamy consistency like no other, be sure to get a hold of the Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold. This water-soluble hair pomade has been tried and tested and still used by a lot of men and even women who want to achieve moderate shine the dries with a maximum hardness. Hair can still be combed easily and the pomade can be washed out simply by using water.


  1. Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4 oz

Another water based pomade from Suavecito, this variant in original hold will grip your hair like wax but it is actually water-soluble. It has a really clean smell and can work perfectly if you want to achieve hairstyles that are old-school, retro, classic or modern – anything is possible with this pomade. You can expect the strong hold of this product to last all day long and if you want to have that wet look style, you can simply add a little water as you apply it on your hair.


  1. Layrite Super hold Pomade, 4 oz 

Layrite is also another name that you can trust when it comes to pomades. This super hold pomade can hold strongly like the wax can but washing it out is as simple as that of a gel. This product features a no-drying formula that will keep your hair soft without the flaking. Now you can keep your hair in place no matter how thick or curly it may be. It is also versatile enough to allow you to control your application’s strength and sheen just by drying the hair as desired.


  1. Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade, 4 oz

Whether you have fine or really thick hair, it does not matter at all because the Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade can help you style it however you want. Now it is easier for your create different hairstyles, may it be mohawks, spikes, flat-tops, high pomps, businessmen’s cuts, slicked backs or parts. Infused with a vanilla scent that even the women will like, you are sure to achieve your desired hairstyle without the fuss.


  1. Union American Pomade 4oz Firm Hold – Paraben Free, Water Based

From short to medium-length hair, the firm hold of Union American Pomade will surely take your styling to a whole new level. Let your hair shine naturally without making it look greasy, plus, this product is also paraben-free which means that you do not have to worry about harmful ingredients that may damage your hair as you use it.

What to look for

The best water based pomade is not at all impossible to find, you just need to carefully rule out your preferences so you can choose easily. Aside from the affordability factor, you also need to consider other aspects such as the product’s scent, versatility, strength of hold and shine, moisturizing effect and also sometimes, the brand. You can look through the different pomades available and see if you can get one that has all the qualities that you are looking for, of course without having to spend for too much.

As they say, the hair is the crowning glory and sometimes it is very true for men, too. If you want to always look good and achieve that professional, clean-looking and sleek impression, you also have to take good care of your hair. With the many hairstyles to choose from nowadays, this should not be very impossible to do. Just make sure to pick the right hairstyling product so that you will have only the best result each and every time.



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