Reuzel Red Hair Pomade Hog Review

Reuzel Red Hair Pomade Hog

The best pomade in the market – most men use their time on stores or on the internet searching for this. However, with lots of brand emerging here and there, it’s quite hard to determine that, especially when every single one of them claims they are the “best”. So, our team tested out a few pomades, and one of the names that stood out was the Reuzel Red Hair Pomade.

The Maker

Based out of Holland, Schorem is an old-fashioned barbershop that caters to bikers, rockers, classy men, and other types of gentlemen in the city of Rotterdam. Five decades of barbering have given Schorem barbers specific standards on pomades. However, their standards were never met by known brands of pomades, so, they formulated Reuzel.

Reuzel comes from a Dutch term, which means “lard”. The name also signifies the past of pomades, when they used to be created from apples (for fragrance) and animal fats. Actually, the term pomade comes from the word pomme, a French word for “apple”.

The Product

Presently, more and more men are using Reuzel Pomade in the red tin can because of multiple good reasons. But before we go down to the advantages of using one, let’s us first assess the Red Pomade from the exterior.

Reuzel Red is a premium-grade, water-soluble pomade. It comes in a red, rustic tin can with a twist top cover, and weighs 4 ounces. As for the scent, it smells pretty nice. I would like to describe it as a sweet scent with a hint of butterscotch. It leaves off a high level of sheen and helps you achieve whatever look you want for the day with no sweat. In fact, Reuzel pomades are considered a hype these days. But, is it really worth it? Let’s have a quick look at how it

What You’ll Get with Reuzel Red Pomade

  1. Absolute control. Yes, Reuzel Red gives just that. Typical water-based products can be rated by inspecting them visually and texture-wise. Based from our experience, Reuzel proved it’s a standard water-soluble pomade. It is translucent and has a jelly-like texture, allowing one to style and restyle easily throughout the day. It leaves off a stronger look than ordinary hair gels, and does not give hair an oily feel.
  2. Smooth application. Recommended application of the Reuzel Red is on damp hair, working on small portions and covering all parts of the crowning glory. Done correctly, a smooth and well-styled hairdo can be achieved in a flash.
  3. Saved time. Since the pomade provides good control, your hair will react to every comb stroke very predictably. Thus, hair styling will eat up less of your time. This makes the pomade very ideal if you’re busy or always in the rush.
  4. Slick look. One of the many advantages of using a water-based product is that it gives off a slick look – sideways, at the top, and back. However, shine isn’t much visible, though the package says it is.
  5. Strong hold. Reuzel prides themselves for creating a pomade with impressively strong hold. After using it, I must say that I agree. It’s pretty strong that you may not need to restyle a few hours after the application.
  6. Good-smelling hair. Opening the tin can will introduce you to a nice, subtle scent of butterscotch. We also think it has a hint of almond, infused in the jelly pomade that comes in a translucent gold color.
  7. Easy application and restyling. Though not really necessary, we decided to test the pomade for restyling several hours after the first application. We had to use a bit of water, but other than that, we have no complaints. It allows to restyle quickly whenever you like.
  8. Quick rinsing. It holds the hairstyle strong, alright, but we are surprised how easy it is to rinse off and completely remove from hair. A few splashes of water amazingly did the job.
  9. Less spending. As of this writing, Reuzel Red Pomade is tagged $15. And for a strong hold and superior look, I’d say it’s a pretty solid price for a pretty solid product. Seriously, it’s a bang for the buck.


Here’s how we rank the Reuzel Red 4 oz. pomade:
Scent: 5 out of 5
Manageability: 4 out of 5
Hold: 5 out of 5
Price: 5 out of 5

Final Say

Overall, we were pretty amazed with Reuzel Red Pomade. We actually enjoyed using it, given that it holds hair firmly, allows quick styling and re-styling, it smells great, it rinses off quickly, and costs not too high to hurt your budget. It’s basically everything we want in a hair pomade. Given this assessment, we strongly recommend for men out there to try it and see for themselves. Trust us, it’s worth it.



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Reuzel Red Hair Pomade Hog

Reuzel Red Hair Pomade Hog

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