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Finding The Right Comb When Using Pomade

Pomade is a wonderful product that gives hair a shiny, slick appearance. It helps to style, even the most stubborn locks with ease. It doesn’t dry out the hair and gives it a healthy glow. There are many different types of Pomade as the holds, finishes, & textures all vary. One thing that you will need when using this product is a great comb. A brush doesn’t work so well with this product, but a comb will be your best friend. Here are some of the best combs around for obtaining great hairstyle with Pomade.

Fine Tooth Comb

A fine tooth comb is a traditional comb you can pick up at any store. These work best for men, but women who have shorter hair might be able to use them. They really are good at getting every hair into place. If you have a style that demands sleek perfection, then this is the comb to use. You want to make sure that you don’t have any knots or tangles in the hair as this comb will pull and hurt. It is great for fine hair and detail work.

Wide Tooth Comb

A wide tooth comb is a version of the fine tooth, only it has much larger space between the teeth. It is perfect for those who have thick or curly hair. These combs have about four teeth per inch, which makes styling wet hair with them easy. They can comb through tangles without any hassle. If you have curls and want to keep those curls in shape, then you need to use this comb. The gaps between the teeth really help when using Pomade.

Rat Tail Comb

A rat tail comb is different because it has a tail on the end of it. The tail is perfect for achieving those hair styles you want. When using Pomade, you want to move sections of hair around, and you can do some severe styles with the rat tail comb. The number of teeth per inch varies, and depending on the hairstyle you select, you may want a larger or smaller grip.

Teasing Comb

If you are trying to obtain some height to otherwise flat hair, the teasing comb should be your choice. Working with the Pomade, the teasing comb will allow you to get some fierce hairstyles like you see in magazines. These combs are made to create volume. They have more than one row of teeth, and the tooth lengths vary according to the row. It is really easy to use, these combs to style your locks.


Piks are still the number one choice for people to use with Pomade. They have a nice handle on there and allow you to keep your hairs clean while working. It can comb through the curliest, kinkiest hair around. There is no reason to ever worry about tangles or knots as a pick was made to comb through just about anything.

Tips For Selecting The Right Comb

There are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting the right comb for your hair. First, never use a fine toothed comb on your hair when it is wet. This can cause excessive breakage. If your hair is wet, use a comb that has seamless teeth. This will help you to avoid snagging your hair. When using Pomade, make sure that you always clean your combs after each use. Pomade can build up and harden on the combs making them a mess. The more product that builds up on the comb, the harder it is to use it the next time. Combs that has sharp ends should also be avoided. You don’t want to damage your scalp or your hair, so make sure to get a comb that has blunted teeth that are more rounded than sharp.

Practice makes perfect. No matter what type of comb you choose, you will soon be styling your hair with ease. It takes some getting used to. If you change your hairstyle, you may need to get a different type of comb to accommodate that style. Since combs are fairly inexpensive, it is helpful to have several on hand for whatever your hair needs.


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