Best Pomade for Men with Curly or Wavy Hair

Styling your hair can either be easy or challenging, depending on the type of hair that you have, and also on the product that you use. While there are many hairstyling products to choose from, you might catch yourself somehow struggling to pick the right one. There can be several factors to consider when deciding. Among the most popular products that you can buy is the hair pomade.

Pomades go way, way back. Some 100 years ago, it first existed with a very common formula with only two ingredients which are petroleum jelly and regular lard. Although the hair pomades of this generation are merely made from synthetic ingredients, manufacturers made sure to still create a product that will give the same effect and functionality.

Why use hair pomades

If you are the type of person who aims for that famous hairstyle donned with the sleek hair look, pomades are greatly recommended for you. This product gives your hair that slick and shine that it needs, while also ensuring that there will be a strong hold and versatility. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, short or long, this product will definitely set itself apart from others.

Another reason is also because hair pomades are easier to remove compared to others. Sometimes you will only need water, others also require shampooing to make sure that no residues are left.

Best Pomade for Men with Curly or Wavy Hair

With its superior hold, pomades are highly popular and even more preferred compared to other products such as waxes. Men with curly or wavy hair no longer have to worry about styling their hair and keeping it shiny while out and about.

  1. Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade, 3 oz

iconFor a clean and neat look every time, Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade will absolutely fit into this category. This pomade makes it easier for you to control your hair, no matter how curly or wavy it may be. This product has been around for more than 60 years, making it one of the most trusted and go-to brand when it comes to hair pomades for men with curly or wavy hair.

To use this product, simply rub an ample amount in your palms until softened. After that, start rubbing thoroughly into your hair and then style as usual. For less than $5, you will be able to get the benefits of this superior pomade.



  1. Equate Men Medium Hold Pomade, 3.8 oz

iconIf you are looking for a hairstyling product that you can easily use and remove when desired, the Equate Men Medium Hold Pomade will be more than perfect. Formulated and designed to suit all hair types, this pomade will provide you with the smoothness and medium control that your hair needs. Although it works for all hair types, this one is highly recommended for curly hair because of the smoothness and control that it can give.

Another advantage of this product is its ability to be rinsed off easily from your hair. You will only need to clean it away with water and you are good to go. This is very ideal for those who are always on the go and would just like to jump on the bed the moment they reach home.

  1. American Crew Pomade for Hold and Shine 3.0 oz

icon Pomade enthusiasts have surely heard and used the brand American Crew over the years. The Hold and Shine Pomade is yet again another great product to depend on if you want something that can you’re your hair excellent hold, control and shine. This particular product is great to use when you want to control your straight or curly hair.

Now available in its new and improved retail packaging, the American Crew Pomade for Hold and Shine is also very versatile and water-based, too. This means you can easily rinse it off with water. You will also love how no residue will be left behind once you are done shampooing. Your curly hair will surely get a more modern and flexible makeover once you start using this product. Just be sure to read the directions on how to use it and you are good to go.

Choosing the best pomade

With so many variations and brands of pomades nowadays, some men just find it hard and daunting to pick the right one to use. Sometimes they would just end up picking the first one that catches their attention, even without bothering to read about its reviews and feedback. If you want a better hairstyle, you should start caring for your hair and use only products that you know you can trust.

Aside from considering the price, you also need to take note of what the product can offer, such as flexibility and effectiveness. For that sleek hairstyle that will leave everyone drooling over, be sure to have these pomades at hand so you can readily use it anytime you need to.



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