American Crew

American Crew

Such a patriotic name isn’t it? I totally agree with you! This American pomade is a tough competitor and it’s definitely earned the number 4 spot on our list. Want to know why? Keep on reading.


American Crew history:

Hair pomade has been part of modern American history, defining iconic styles and attracting admiring looks for generations of American men. So when the company started it was a mere hair saloon which in time developed to be what is now one of the top brands of pomade on the market. American Crew’s goal was to create the perfect pomade fragrance that would elicit a powerful reaction from women. After years of experiencing with different aromas, American Crew’s pomade finally achieved the “perfect smell”. Apart from being one of the top brands in the pomade market, American Crew also has a reputation for men hairstyle and over the years it’s become quite the authority in hair trends.


American Crew


Water, PEG 25 Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Castor Bean), Oleth 10, Lanolin, Oleth 20, Diisopropyl Dimer Dilonoleate, Glycerin (Coconut Oil), Hydroxypropyl Distearyldimonium Chloride, Alcohol (Mixed Grain), Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) Extract (Ginseng Roots), Sage.



This is how American Crew pomade looks like when applied to the hair. It offers a medium hold that lasts all day while providing a really high shine even though it’s water-based.

.american crew pomade review best pompadour



After reviewing the American Crew pomade extensively we have ranked it at #4 on our list of Top 5 Pomades. Check out the list for more information: Top 5 Best Pomade Review: Price vs. Quality



We recommend you to buy the 4 oz. jar. It cost around $13.


My Review:

This pomade is water-based with medium hold which means that the hair never gets stiff throughout the day and you can re-style it as many times as you like. It also shampoos out easily without residue which is a huge benefit. It provides tremendous shine which can be good or bad depending on your style. It’s perfect for the undone, messy hairstyle. The scent is very subtle, mellow aroma like that isn’t feminine but not too “masculine” either. It costs around $13 per 100 grams which isn’t the cheapest but it sure isn’t the most expensive.


This is what customers on Amazon are saying about American Crew Pomade: customer reviews


American Crew

American Crew



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